The Myrtleford Chamber of Commerce is a professional association of business people that has the prime purpose of advancing the business, commercial & industrial interests of the area while supporting the local community.

We lobby representing and defending the views of the business community to all levels of government as well as other authorities and organisations.

Our Chamber of Commerce is structured as like most committees, with a President, Secretary and Treasurer and Executive Committee and is not-for-profit organisation. As an incorporated body it is governed by statement of purposes and rules. Meetings are normally held after hours once a month and alternate between an Executive Meeting and a General Meeting.  The Myrtleford Chamber keep all members informed by sending minutes of each meeting to all members electronically.

Vision Statement

The Myrtleford Chamber of Commerce will be the most effective organisation in the Alpine Shire that people can approach in order to facilitate the establishment and development of any idea, events and infrastructure which assists the economic, employment and business growth in Myrtleford and the Alpine Shire community.

Our Objectives

  • To proactively raise and deal with the concerns of the members.
  • To encourage businesses to increase their levels of knowledge, training and performance in meeting today’s challenges and those of the future.
  • To promote and support the town and businesses it represents and its community.
  • To develop and foster partnerships and affiliations with other Chambers of Commerce & like bodies.

Member Application Form  or contact to be emailed a form

Member Code of Conduct

Child Protection Policy